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Messages Made Memorable

Illustrating the Important with Interaction and Entertainment

Custom Delivery of Your Business Message in a Memorable Manner.

Sparkman is not just an entertainer. He often uses magic to illustrate a business message. This is a tool to keep the audience alert, and the message memorable. Each important point is illustrated with humor, magic, or audience participation, and sometimes, all three.

Sparkman has delivered business information in this manner at Team Building Events, Sales Meetings, Trade Shows, Conferences, Chamber of Commerce Events and more.

These custom programs can range from a fun break in a day of industry speakers, to technical information sprinkled with entertainment. Call with ideas and we will develop the perfect program for your event.

Sparkman The Creative Speaker

Ideas for Conferences, Trade Shows and other Events

I must admit that at first I was concerned about hiring a magician to perform instead of just another traditional motivational speaker.

Well the results of our servey of attendees are in and our members said they really enjoyed your performance. The fact that you were able to customize your magic to our convention theme of the "Magic of Merchandising" by turning our advertising circular into real money was truly amazing.

Chris Nickas
Marketing & Advertising Manager
Mega Group USA

Need Creative Solutions for Your Business Problems?
Learn to Think Outside the Box!

Sparkman's Think Outside The Box Logo
Climbing Out of the Box
Creativity for the Corporate Culture
Everyone can benefit from a good dose of creativity. Sparkman's transition from Businessman to Entertainer forced him to develop his creative side.

He has developed "Climbing Out of the Box" to teach others ways to develop their creative abilities and to use that creativity in the business world.

The ideas in this speech apply to all vocations so it is perfect for Chambers of Commerce and Association Conferences. Sparkman also tailor's the program for specific vocations.

FUN MEMORIES - The important points are illustrated with mental stunts and mind reading. This is fun and amazing, but more importantly, it is a great way to help the audience remember the material. To add further interest, most of his stunts use assistants from the audience.

The presentation of your show was unique, informative, and entertaining. This was a great change of pace from our typical program but still provided the educational benefit we try to share with our membership. It was truly "magic with a Message."

Robert Staub
Founder & Chairman
Mid-South Small Business Chamber

Sparkman Entertains at an Awards Banquet and is almost kissed by president of the Small Business Chamber
Robert Staub is a little TOO thankful.
"Climbing Out of the Box" will help your people achieve their creative potential!

Sparkman's Creative Development

When Sparkman left the conventional business world and became a business entertainer, he had to develop his creative skills. He has learned to use unusual, creative ideas to solve problems and is now teaching business creativity to others.

Away with the Stereotypes

Artists and Musicians are creative, the business world is not. Overcoming this myth may be the biggest obstacle to creative problem solving.

"Talent is Not Hereditary"

This quote comes from the many attributed to the great Shinichi Suzuki, the man who developed the Suzuki Violin Method. His discoveries about teaching music to children can teach us a great deal about our abilities. Suzuki's work offers proof that a healthy person can accomplish virtually anything. Don't you think your employees would be more productive if they KNEW that they have no limitations?

Developing Creativity

After proving that creativity can be developed, we discuss the things that hamper the creative process. Then we learn ways to build our creative skills and use that creativity in our work. This is when creativity becomes personal.


Napoleon Hill's Mastermind Groups are all over the world, yet so many have not heard of the concept. Sparkman describes the Mastermind Group in modern context. The magic illustration literally makes the phone ring and people talk about it for years.

The Tale of Sheriff Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete Geoffrion may be the most creative saleman you never heard of. Pete's story is entertaining, gut-busting, heart-wrenching, and educational.He has had big success by making his way creatively, not by doing things the conventional way. Hear stories of his success, and where he went wrong.

The Wrap-Up

This program will take your people from; You can do it, to This is now you do it, to Look how they did it. They will be educated, entertained, inspired, and motivated. Sparkman answers questions as time allows and leaves them with one more amazing mental feat that will have them believing anything is possible.

Sparkman with Zig Ziglar
Learning from the Best!
Sparkman with Zig Ziglar
Sparkman entertaining Krish Dunham of Zig Ziglar Inc.

Sparkman Tricks Krish Dhanam
of Zig Ziglar Inc.

Sparkman with Cadillac Jack and Krish Dunham Laughing in the background

Kracking Up Krish

Sparkman with Krish Dunham of Zig Ziglar Inc. and Cadillac Jack

Sparkman, Krish Dhanam, and Cadillac Jack