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Spend your money on Memories!

It doesn't matter if you are buying advertising, employee training, or entertainment;
if the product does not create positive memories it is a waste of money.

Comedy Magic for
Business Events

Food and Music are integral parts of a business party. However, since they are part of our everyday experience, they are rarely memorable.

Add a good variety entertainer and suddently you have an event that your employees and clients will remember for years.

Sparkman  is a memorable entertainer! He is entertaining everywhere, from the largest theater stages to your boardroom.

The unique part of his programs is he performs magic with everyday objects and his assistants come from the audience.

Sparkman also uses his sleight-of-hand skills to perform magic from group to group at mingling events like cocktail parties and in hospitality suites.

I want to thank you for your involvement again this year at the U.S. Racquetball Association’s National Singles in Houston, TX. Your special brand of comedy magic has brought many favorable comments from the players and tournament VIPs. I appreciate your ability to get the audience involved in your shows. We feel that the players have come to expect you at this annual event, so we hope to retain your services for a long time to come. Keep up the good work!

Luke St. Onge
Executive Director
United States Racquetball Association

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A Comedy Character      

Watching Sparkman's Stage Show is a little bit like watching Inspector Clouseau if he were a magician. The Magic works, Sparkman just doesn't seem to know when or how it works.

This approach makes Sparkman's show unique and memorable. The show is a wild ride which is not just a series of tricks. Like a movie, it has an opening, middle and an ending which ties the whole show together.

The show is very funny, but it also contains strong magic. Sparkman does not put girls in boxes that you cannot examine. He uses everyday objects, that are held by his assistants from the audience. The minor miracles that Sparkman does with rope, coathangars, and a gumball machine will amaze you!

The interaction with audience members provides unpredictable fun in the show. The emotions run from laughter, to amazement, to worry, and you never know how they will react. Two women actually fought over a magic prop at one performance. Often a stage assistant comes up with a funny joke that makes the whole crowd laugh. Sparkman does not like it when you are funnier than he, so don't be surprised if he steals your line, and your watch.

Sparkman Overcome with Comedy Magic Props
Boring Awards Banquet?
Let Sparkman WAKE IT UP!      

Awards Banquets are a great way to recognize employees for their contribution to the company. Unfortunately, the necessary speeches are slow and the long line of award winners can be very boring.

How do you have all of the necessary parts of an awards ceremony and make it fun and memorable?


Sparkman will work with you to make the ceremony the best it can be. He can introduce the speakers and give out the awards, but he breaks up the slower parts with Jokes, Magic, and Audience Participation.

This strategy keeps the evening moving. Entertainment interspersed throughout the program retains the importance of the evening, whicle erasing the boredom. It also rewards your employees with an entertaining and memorable evening.

You get more from employees when they are recognized
for their efforts!      

When planning this past year’s Christmas party, we wanted entertainment that was different from anything we’d done before. We toyed with using a magician, but were still somewhat leery. I think everyone pictured the guy pulling a bunny out of a hat - oh what fun. But when we viewed your video, we knew we had the right thing. It was really difficult to find a “clean” act, but you fit the bill perfectly. Not only did we enjoy your show, we were able to laugh at ourselves by becoming part of the act. Thanks to you, our Christmas party was a hit.

Tracye Groh

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Close-up magic for millionaires at Shaun Micheel Make-A-Wish Golf Event Sleight of Hand Magic

Close-Up Magic: 
The Most Incredible
and Personal

When performed by a sleight-of-hand artist, Close-Up magic is the most unbelievable form of magic. When Sparkman performs this style of magic, the spectators examine the props and the trick often happens in their hands.

Your guests will also feel like they have been entertained by a friend as Sparkman learns their names and jokes with them. His comedic character, also hides the sleight-of-hand skills, which further disguises the method and takes the sting out of "being fooled."

Close-Up is also flexible. It can be performed strolling among your guests at cocktail parties, hospitality suites, picnics and any other fluid environment. It can also be performed as a formal magic show for small to medium sized groups, and can be combined with larger programs.

Your guests can experiences coins appearing and disappearing, signed playing cards flying to wallets, pockets, Sparkman's Mouth, his Forehead, and the ceiling. Spots will change on dice, Dollar Bills change to Hundred Dollar Bills, even rubber bands, dental floss and other average items get in on the act, while your guests participate and laugh.

Sparkman surprises woman with rubber band magic Close-Up magic in the Peabody Hotel for First Tennessee Bank Bond Customers

On behalf of the Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri Bankers Associations, we would like to thank you for joining us at our 2006 Tri-State Leadership & Human Resources Conference.
Your after dinner presentation was outstanding and very well received. In addition to your performance, the overall comments for the conference were excellent...
Thanks again Sparkman, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

John Allen
Senior VP of Education
Missouri Bankers Association

Ron Arrito
VP of Education
Nebraska Bankers Association

Becky S. Tongish
VP of Education
Kansas Bankers Association

Close-Up Ideas

Cocktail Parties - Sparkman mingles amoung the crowd performing close-up magic from group to group. In addition to good entertainment, it is also a great conversation starter. Also, if Sparkman is performing an after dinner stage show, this gives him a chance to meet the audience and pick the good personalities to help with the show.

Hospitality Suites - Close-Up Magic is a fantastic way to entertain your customers and prospects in a fluid, come and go environment. Sparkman can stroll among them, or set up a close-up table for your guests to stop by and enjoy a longer set.

Formal Close-Up Shows - This can be a long program for entertaining a group of 10 - 100 people (special seating required for groups over 30 to insure visibility). Also, a full Close-Up Show is great for party environments. Sparkman performs shows in a separate room several times during the evening. Your guests take turns attending the show and see a complete act that is not possible when strolling.

Trade Shows - While Trade Show programs can take several forms, Sparkman usually uses magic to draw prospects to your booth. He begins by stopping attendees with a close-up trick. He uses additional close-up effects to get more people involved, and draw a larger crowd. Once he has a crowd, he shifts to a short program using magic to illustrate your products and services. Then he gets the prospects to the salespeople.

Sparkman's Sleight-of-Hand Magic gets great reaction

I have enjoyed watching your work as a strolling magician and as a platform show magician. Excuse the joke, but you always have something up your sleeve to surprise our patrons with during your performances.

 Sparkman’s persona and image on stage is dazzling. You always have the audience’s attention. You excel at incorporating magic and comedy... You are a true entertainer.

Both Sparkman’s strolling performances and magic shows have brought a breath of fresh air to Mud Island River Park and entertained the patrons fantastically. I wish you all the success with Sparkman’s Magic and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Susan George
Program & Event Coordinator
Riverfront Development Corporation

Sparkman is puzzled by linking coathangars
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Sparkman's Characture is zapped by lightening

Thank you again for...(performing at) our Night of Magic Dealer Meeting last Friday.  You were a big hit and enjoyed by all.

Natalie Demler
HVAC Sales & Supply Co., INC.

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