America's Business Magician

Sparkman focuses his business on Conferences, Awards Banquets, Sales Meetings, Trade Shows, and other Events in Corporate America. As a former manager, he understands how to use entertainment to grow business.

If you want to get more from your employees, convert more prospects, and cement your relationship with your clients, he has something for you.
Sparkman's magic with money

Dave Illingworth, the President of Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics wrote…

Many thanks for the fine show you performed for our Builders Club Dinner. The comments from our guests ranged from, "how did he do that?"  to "outstanding" to "great fun!" If laughter, smiles, and wonderment are measures of success, then this evening was successful."


Sparkman has a fantastic program called,
"Climbing Out of the Box." He teaches creativity development and ways to use that creativity to solve business problems. He illustrates the points with mental magic and humorous true stories about creative people.

Sparkman can also make a presentation out of your business message. He has presented customized programs with magic illustrations at conferences, sales meetings, trade shows, and many things in between.


Don't expect a magic show with boxes and tiny girls that do all of the work. Sparkman performs magic with everyday objects, sleight-of-hand, comedy, a unique character, and a whole lot of personality. Furthermore all of his assistants come from your audience. The show is fun, memorable, and interactive.

In addition to unique magic shows, Sparkman uses magic and comedy in all of his speaking programs, he can even customize material to deliver your message.


Ok, so he is not really a swindler. In fact he is not a criminal of any kind. Also, he is a Born-Again Christian, so if he steals your watch, he will feel so guilty, and he will return it.

He is funny, and as an entertainer plays a character that is a little bit confused. That character may think he is a swindler, or a detective… Who knows what he thinks?